Youth Serving at the Manor

Youth Serving at the Manor

Volunteering Opportunities for Youth

Many of the younger generation are coming forward and showing enthusiasm to volunteer at Bhaktivedanta Manor. Some of them are coming simply to serve the community, others for work experience, and some are taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh programme. The Manor gives the youth an opportunity to connect with others, feel great about themselves by giving back to the community, and learn interpersonal and various other skills, all whilst building confidence in themselves.

Some have said they come because they have fun, become more responsible, make friends, build a relationship with the cows on the farm – and in all in all because they find it makes them happy.

Skills they have learnt include: making samosas, milking cows, growing vegetables and much more.

If you are under 18 and would like to join the volunteering team, then please contact: or click the button below to visit our Volunteering page to find out more: