Bhaktivedanta Manor Devotee Care Fest

Bhaktivedanta Manor Devotee Care Fest

The Devotee Care Office of Bhaktivedanta Manor organised a first of its kind event called the Devotee Care Fest in order to educate, engage and serve the devotee community with varieties of care initiatives already active or in their infancy.

The entire Sri Krishna Haveli complex was utilised for engaging with the devotee community which enthusiastically gathered with over 300 participants. There was also a children’s area to entertain for the youngest members of the community.

A stalls area hosting about 20 different initiatives, including:

– Bhakti Recovery Group

– ISKCON Environmental Initiative

– New Gokula Farm

– DEVI (Care for Ladies)

– Manor Mentorship

– Manor Bhakti Vriksa

– Krishna Marriages

– Bhakti Homes

– Manor Gurukula

– Vanaprastha Sanga

– Widows Sanga

– Volunteers Care Council

– Pandava Sena



There were also TED type talks explain the Bhagavad-gita in the context of the various initiatives.

The recently formed and launched BMA – Bhaktivedanta Medical Association, headed by Sundarananda das (Dr Sanjiv Agarwal), hosted an amazing Health & Well-being area where  community members benefitted from free access to:

– Health screenings

– Dental checks

– Mental health screenings

– Advice on a range of health issues

– Specialist advice on neuro-diverse conditions in children

– End of life care support

NHS representatives for Alzheimer’s and Diabetes and ISKCON’s own Karuna Care also had a table.

The event was such a success that the team decided to plan another Devotee Care Fest in the summer of 2024.

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